PGY1 Clinical Pharmacy Residency: Savannah

Program Description

The St. Joseph's/Candler PGY1 residency program is designed to train selected, highly motivated, and qualified pharmacists in general pharmacy practice. This residency focuses on development of the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to provide quality, compassionate and cost-effective pharmaceutical care. Our program is a flexible, broad-based, practice-oriented experience.

Each resident’s training plan is individualized to meet the resident’s needs and goals as well as the goals of the program. As a community-based health delivery network, we offer many unique educational and experiential opportunities and advantages.

In addition to core and elective learning experiences (rotations), the pharmacy resident participates in other opportunities and projects such as preceptorship of PharmD students, medication use evaluation, safety process education and implementation, and P&T Committee functions. Each resident is expected to develop, administer and submit for publication an original research project. Project details are presented as a poster at the spring Georgia Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (GSHP) meeting and orally presented at the Southeastern Residency Conference (SERC). Residents also enroll in a Graduate Certificate program at the University of Georgia which prepares the resident, through experiential and didactic teaching, to mentor PharmD students.

Key features of our program include outstanding residency preceptors who are committed to the professional development of the residents and maintain faculty appointments with University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, Mercer University College of Pharmacy and South University School of Pharmacy. We host numerous Doctor of Pharmacy students from the Southeast area allowing the resident multiple opportunities for precepting.

St Joseph's/Candler is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in medication delivery technology and maintains academic affiliations with Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC), Mayo Clinic, Emory University, Armstrong Atlantic State University and South University. St. Joseph’s/Candler is a medical teaching facility for Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) and also provides comprehensive educational experiences for students of all health professions. 

Learning Experiences

This 52-week residency is divided into a number of core and elective learning experiences (rotations) that are scheduled to accommodate the resident's specific career goals while assuring that the resident acquires a well-rounded clinical training experience. With the exception of the orientation period, the sequence of the rotations is designed to maximize the development of the individual resident. Learning activities and the training schedule are tailored to the specific needs of the resident.

Core Rotations

  • Orientation/Institutional Practice (five weeks)
  • Internal Medicine (eight weeks)
  • Critical Care (eight weeks)
  • Infectious Diseases (four weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine (five weeks)
  • Cardiology (four weeks)
  • Hematology/Oncology (four weeks)
  • Administrative/Management (three weeks)
  • Research (two weeks)

Longitudinal Rotations/Requirements 

  • Ambulatory Care/Anticoagulation (Center for Medication Management) 
  • Medication Safety/Performance Improvement 
  • Pharmacy Staffing 
  • Pharmacy Practice Research 
  • Committee Involvement
  • Teaching in Pharmacy Practice/UGA Graduate Certificate 


Residency Newsletter August, 2016

Clinical Care Pharmacy Residency, St. Joseph's / Candler Hospital, Savannah, GA

Application Process and Materials

Successful candidates for the PGY1 Clinical Care Residency (Savannah,GA) must have a Pharm.D., M.S., or equivalent experience,  eligible for Georgia licensure, and be a U.S. citizen.

Applications will be accepted on PhORCAS (https://portal.phorcas.org/) until January 6th.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early to facilitate scheduling of the on-site interview. 

All application materials listed below are required to complete the PhORCAS application process:

  • Completed application form (National Match Service Code: 158413)  
  • Letter of intent
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Official Academic transcripts
  • 3 References as submitted through PhORCAS

For more information visit the PGY1 Critical Pharmacy Program at St. Joseph's/Candler.


Current Residents

John Carr, Pharm.D.
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Sarah Clements, Pharm.D.
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Chelsea Keedy, Pharm.D.
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Dustin Orvin, Pharm.D.
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Allison Porter, Pharm.D.
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Gail Smith, Pharm.D.
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Rachel Wilkes, Pharm.D.
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Residency Preceptors

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