Matthew Perri III, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Department Head

Athens, GA

Office: R.C. Wilson , Rm 260C   
Voice: 706-542-5365
Fax: 706-542-5228


Ph.D. , University of South Carolina 1985

B.S. Pharmacy , Temple University School of Pharmacy

Research Interests

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Economics

Grant Support

Tackett R, Perri M, Brooks P and McDuffie C. Prescriber Education, US Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Grant Program, 2006-2008, $396,000.

Perri M, Walthour A. American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, $5,000, 2007-08.

Perri M, Walthour A. American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, $6,000, 2007-08.

Perri M, Rollins B. American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, $6000, 2007-08.

Perri M, Rollins B. American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, $6,000, 2006.

Perri M. Roger Green and Associates Graduate Student Training in Marketing Research, 2000-2006; $181,500.

Griffin S, Aull L, Herist K, and Perri M, Insulin Resistance Clinical Trial; Co-investigator, 2006-2008, $42,486.

Perri M and Deshpande A. Drug Information Association, Communicating Benefit and Risk Information in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising, 2004-05, $23,000.

Perri M and Shindes SB. Antecedents of Drug Requesting Behavior, Sankyo Pharma, 2003, $10,000.

Perri M and Johnson T. Long Term Care Intervention Team: Implications for Outcomes and Public Policy, Department of Community Health, State of GA, 2002, $115,000.

Perri M and Cook C. Patient Satisfaction with Managed Care Pharmacy Services, UpJohn, 1997, $5,000.

Perri M and Kamath AR. R&D Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Elan Corporation, 1996, $3,097.

Neel A, Pittman J, Marasco R, Pritchard L, Perri M., Reese L., Morton M., "A Tacrine HCL Outcomes Research Project in a Long Term Care Facility, Warner Lambert Park- Davis, 1995, $315,000 (consultant only).

Pritchard L and Perri M. "Examining the Quality of Service of Two Different Pharmacy Designs: The Patients Perspective", Wal-Mart Inc., 1995, $11,598.

Perri M and Martin B. "Improving Medication Compliance: A Practical Intervention", The West Company, 1993, $26,600.

Perri M and Pritchard FL. "OBRA 90: A BluePrint for Quality Pharmaceutical Care", Glaxo, Inc., 1993, $15,000.

Perri M, Kotzan JA, Francisco G and Pritchard F. "The Impact of OBRA 90 on the Practice of Pharmacy in the State of Georgia", Georgia Department of Medical Assistance, one year, 1992, $33,265.

Francisco G and Perri M. "Developing a Curriculum to Train Pharmacists to Provide Pharmaceutical Care in the Community Chain Pharmacy Setting", American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, 1992, $32,412.

Perri M and Wolfgang AP. "Hospital Pharmacy Salary Survey 1991", $1,000; "Hospital Pharmacy Salary Survey 1990", $1,000; "Hospital Pharmacy Salary Survey 1989", $750; "Hospital Pharmacy Salary Survey, 1988", $750; "Hospital Pharmacy Salary Survey, 1987", Georgia Society of Hospital Pharmacists, $750. (Annual Survey)

Park, D.C. and Morrell, R., "Intervention Strategies to Improve Drug Compliance in Community Dwelling Older Adults", AARP Andrus Foundation, M. Perri (project consultant) July 1989, $76,842.

Perri M and Kotzan JA. "An Analysis of Consulting Pharmacist Effectiveness for Medicaid Patients in Nursing Homes", Georgia Department of Medical Assistance, July 1989, $5,775.

Kotzan JA and Perri M. "An Analysis for Potential Savings Earned from a Starter Dose Program for Anti-arthritic Drug Products for Medicaid Recipients", State of Georgia, Department of Medical Assistance, Atlanta, GA, 1989 $3,613.

Perri M, Wolfgang AP, Park D and Carroll NV. "Older Adults and Generic Medications: Intervention Strategies to Enhance Usage", The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Andrus Foundation, April 1988, $65,769.

Perri M. "Health Care Information Through Public Advertising", Faculty Research Grants, Office of Vice President for Research, July 1986, $2,500.

Perri M. "Development of a Case Study Teaching a Method in Pharmacy Management", The Lilly Foundation, through Office of Instructional Development, May 1986, $3,000.

Perri M. "An Interactive Computer Learning Center", Instructional Services Grants, University of Georgia Office of Instructional Development, March 1986, $1,000.

Kotzan JA, Perri M, Carroll NV, and Wolfgang AP. "Pharmacy Management Studies", Eckerd Foundation, 1985, $40,000.

Perri M, Cooper JW, Ozburn WE, (1993-1997) "Alzheimers Disease Counseling Guidebook", Post-graduate continuing education contract, through Warner Lambert Parke Davis, $15,740.

Perri M and Ozburn W, (1994) Pharmacist Training Program, Post-graduate continuing education contract, through Promotions Unlimited, $3,000.

Perri M, Pritchard FL, Ozburn WE and Gammil C. (1993) "OBRA 90 a Blueprint for Quality Pharmaceutical Care", Post-graduate continuing education contract, through Glaxo Inc, $10,580.

Of Note

Received a Seed Grant 2014

2004 University of Georgia Student Government Teaching Award

Nominated for Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorship, 2011

Phi Delta Chi Faculty of the Year 2010

UGA Student Government Teaching Award 2004

UGA Teaching Academy 2001


Selected Publications

Shah, S., H. Wei, J. Jayawardhana, M. Perri, E. Cobran, & H. Young. (In Press) "Cost utility analysis of Methylphenidate and Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine in adults with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)", Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research. 

Presented a session on Mental Health Pharmacotherapy Case Review at the 2015 Mental Health Symposium an annual program for pharmacists and other health professionals practicing in the area of mental health. February 3-4, 2015, Athens, GA.

An experimental examination of consumer attitudes, behavioral intentions, and information search behavior after viewing a predictive genetic test direct-to-consumer advertisement. In the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care Marketing

Rollins B, Zinkhan G, King K, and Perri M. Non Branded or Branded DTC Prescription Advertising: Which is more effective? Health Marketing Quarterly, 2011;29(1):86-98. (Article highlighted in Pharmalot March 8, 2011 http://www.pharmalot.com/2011/03/those-non-branded-dtc-ads-seam-to-be-working/)

Rollins B, Ramakrishnan A and Perri M. Consumer Response to Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Predictive Genetic Tests. Association for Marketing and Health Care Research, Annual Meeting Proceedings. February 2011.

Rollins B and Perri M. To Brand or Not to Brand? The Question of Current and Future Pharmaceutical Marketing Campaigns. Association for Marketing and Health Care Research, Proceedings (Abstract only). February 2011.

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