Hongye Wei

PHSOP Graduate Assistant

Office: R.C. Wilson Pharmacy Bldg., Athens, GA 30602, Rm 270-D


Masters of Toxicology, University of Georgia, Georgia 2015

Bachelors of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, China 2012

Research Interests

Health Outcome and Pharmacoeconomics

Selected Publications


Shah, S., H. Wei, J. Jayawardhana, M. Perri, E. Cobran, & H. Young. (In Press) "Cost utility analysis of Methylphenidate and Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine in adults with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)", Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research. 


1. "In vitro spermatogenesis model for assessing male reproductive toxicity" for the Society of Toxicology meeting.

Of Note

Scholorship of Excellance, UGA, 2013
Graduate Assistantship, Pharmacy Care Administration, UGA, 2015-2016