Chelsea Keedy, Pharm.D.

PGY1 Resident in Clinical Pharmacy

Southeast Georgia Campus

Savannah, GA

Office: UGA's Southeast Georgia Campus, St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital Campus, 5356 Reynolds St., Savannah, GA 31405GA   


Doctor of Pharmacy, Western New England University 2017

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Western New England University 2012

Research Interests

My research interests include Infectious Disease and Ambulatory Care.

Of Note

2017 MSHP Student Excellence Award



Selected Publications

  • Andros C, Thompson C, Khaleghi F. CE Publication: Osteoporosis in Women’s Health. U.S. Pharmacist. 2017.
  • Polukort SH, Rovatti J, Carlson L, Thompson C, Ser-Dolansky J, Kinney SRM, Schneider SS, Mathias C. IL-10 Enhances IgE-Mediated Mast Cell Responses and Is Essential for the Development of Experimental Food Allergy in IL-10 Deficient Mice. Journal of Immunology. 2016.
  • Kinney SRM, Carlson L., Ser-Dolansky J, Thompson C, Shah S, Gambrah A, et al. Curcumin Ingestion Inhibits Mastocytosis and Suppresses Intestinal Anaphylaxis in a Murine Model of Food Allergy. PLoS One. 2015.